Board of Directors 

For those of us currently serving on the Board of Directors of Camp Peniel we consider it a privilege to provide wisdom, oversight, and leadership for the ministry as so many before us have done.  Each of us has been involved with Camp Peniel for a number of years and experienced that face-to-face encounter with our Savior here at camp!  It is exciting for us to witness how God transforms the lives of young people and their families and look forward to seeing Him impact countless souls in the future.

Camp Peniel is a not-for-profit organization that relies on our Board of Directors for leadership and guidance. Camp Peniel's Board operates as a policy board, drafting policies that the the Executive Director and staff follow. The Board meets four times per year to discuss the ministry desires of Camp Peniel to bring glory and honor to the Lord Jesus! 

Current Board 

Gary Cotter
Travis County Fleet Coordinator
Bastrop Bible Church

Phil Dady
Reed Reality
Temple Bible Church

Brad Daricek
GE Dresser
Cypress Bible Church

Dwight Ford
1st Baptist Church of Houston

Doug Foxworth
Ryan Wholesale, Inc.

Hill Country Bible Church
Cedar Park

Larry Hannusch
Industrial Coatings
Bridgepoint Church

Debbie Houghtaling
Grace Bible Church
Houston, TX

BJorn Lindgren
BFL Associates, Ltd.
Sandy Point Bible Church
Rose Sharon

Reese McCrea
Austin Christian Fellowship

Gloria Pearson
Christ Community Church

Margo Schindler
Temple Bible Church

Tim Taft
Judge, Retired
Pine Valley Bible Church

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in serving on our Board, please review the following documents: 

       (1)  Job Description         (2)  Board Application


Endowment Trustees

Camp Peniel is blessed to have a long history of members supporting our vision and mission through the sharing of their time, talent and financial gifts.  In 1995 the Board decided that the Endowment Trustees should be formed to provide long-term unending support. Earnings generated by funds provided to the Endowment Fund provide some of the support for Camp Peniel.  The members of the Endowment Board are as follows: 

  • Dan Benson
    Aaron Flores
    Reese McCrea

    Dan Miller
    Tim Taft



Bringing people to a face-to-face

relationship with God

through Christ Centered adventures!