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  • Campership Fund – provides financial assistance for families to attend weekend camps and to assist in sending children to Camp who would not be able to attend otherwise.

  • Horse Program - We have over 25 horses to maintain throughout the year.  This involves vaccinations, trips to vet and feeding lot of food and hay.  We have an after school program which provides children an opportunity to gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment.  Our Bridle and Bible program includes Bible studies while learning how to take care of their horse and an assortment of  techniques while riding.  It's a great outreach program for our local area.  In addition to the spring and fall Bridle and Bibles program, our summer programs are chocked full of horse activities for those who want to learn all about horses as well as those who are just wanting to take a trail ride.  Taking care of our horses is a 24/7 task which we love, but it does become expensive!
  • Discipleship Program - Our disciples live at camp and have classes and individual work that corresponds with each class. Each participant is required to attend class Tuesday thru Thursday. Each week of class will be topical teaching based on Scriptures with the expectation of completing home work and practical application. The rest of the week will be time spent with God and the “camp family,” serving in local ministries or with work projects around camp.
  • Major Projects - It seems as through their is always a major project going on since we have over 300 acres to maintain.  However, at the present time our largest project is the reconstruction of the screen cabins.  These cabins and the bathhouse are being replaced by cabins much like Oak and Cedar which will have bath facilities inside each cabin.  WooHoo!!  We have one cabin near completion and 5 more to go.
  • Sports Equipment - Close your eyes and imaging over 1000 kiddos and 400 families using sports equipment throughout the year.  Basketballs, footballs, frisbees, ping-pong balls and paddles just to name a few.  It is a challenge to keep everything in tip top shape.  It is a task we love, but it becomes expensive.
  • Tools - Maintaining vehicles, golf carts and equipment is no easy task without the right tools.  Even then it can be a challenge.  

  • Memorial/Honorarium - A gift made in memory or honor of a loved one. 

  • General Fund -  These gifts will go to our daily maintenance and operations of camp.


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