Looking for a job?  Looking for an incredible summer where you'll have a chance to impact the lives of kids for Christ? You've found the right place. Serving at a Christian summer camp has been one of the most rewarding experiences for countless individuals. There is simply no "job" quite like it. Camp staff go non-stop having fun, helping kids grow, and sharing Christ with kids in discipleship and in sharing their lives.

We look for the highest quality staff around in our search process. We are looking for staff that have a strong faith, a heart for service, a desire to live life to the full, and who love kids. If you believe you meet these criteria and would like to pursue employment at camp, please start by reading A Word to Prospective Staff. This is a letter from our Summer Director, Jenny Blackmon,  that will give you a sense of what camp service is all about.

There are a number of positions available each summer.  Call to get a feel for these various ways you can plug in. Some positions require certified employees, so you'll want to find out our policies on the Certification process and which employees need specific certifications. Additionally, camp offers Internships for many different majors. The benefits of working at camp are endless...both tangible and intangible. Our Benefits section will give you further explanation of these in detail.

(1) Apply for the position.   (2) Fill out 3 Reference Forms  and wait until we get back with you to schedule an interview.  (3)  Upon being hired please complete the W-4 Form and the I-9 Form and return to Camp Peniel as soon as possible.