Internships at camp can offer many opportunities for leadership and personal growth, often surpassing the choices available at local agencies. If your college or university requires you to complete an internship program as part of your graduation requirements, let us know. We can help you design a summer experience that will meet your needs for academic credit and service learning.


We can provide an experience that applies to a variety of majors, including Psychology, Business and Marketing, Recreation, Education, Communications and Multi-Media, and many others. We can help you design a supervised learning opportunity that fits your interests and satisfies your school's requirements. We will work closely with you and your advisor to provide appropriate feedback and evaluations.

All students working on an internship are considered full staff members and are paid the same salary as other comparable counselors. This could be one of the greatest possibilities for you, where we provide income, as well as room and board in contrast to most unpaid internships. Contact us for more information and to begin setting up your internship.