Greetings! Thanks for taking a look at Camp Peniel as a place to serve our great God for the summer. We see all of our summer staff as part of the ever-growing family of Camp Peniel. As Summer Director, let me let you in on a little of what you can expect at a summer at Peniel. Please keep these in consideration as you pray about serving at camp:

Camp is tough, challenging, and LOTS OF FUN! You'll get to see Jesus work in camper's lives and your own life like nowhere else. The ministry at camp is just that, a ministry. Please don't look at this job as just something to do for the summer, but as working for the eternal Kingdom.  You will be "on-duty" 24 hours a day in a cabin setting. During this time, you'll be providing a solid Christian example for your campers and fellow staff. You will have one night off per week (Saturday night). When you are not off, you'll need to be readily available and accessible to those children under your direct care, and any other duties your supervisors may ask you to do.

Do you have a genuine love for children, a creative spirit, the ability to be flexible when needed, and lots of patience? We hope the love, creativity, and flexibility come somewhat naturally, but we can all use more patience! There will be times when you feel "worn thin", but that's when you really get to see the Lord work. You'll need to learn how to pace yourself, know when you need sleep, and work as consistently at the end of the summer as in the beginning. There will be staff Bible studies during support weeks to help build you back up when you're weary.  We all are a part of each other's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual renewal throughout the summer.

Our counselors are deeply rooted followers of Christ who can walk along side others and teach them about the Lord. Our parents and our campers are looking for role models that are believers who stand for the Truth, found in Jesus Christ. We want staff members who can show, by their example, what it means to be a Christian, and can share their faith freely and openly with their campers.

Camp Peniel's mission is to lead people to a face to face relationship with God through Christ-centered adventures. We expect our counselors to meet this mission in everything they do. It is very important to us that our staff is here to share the love of Christ with campers. Sometimes staff members join us at camp for the wrong reasons. Some examples include: to continue the "fun" times that they experienced as campers; to be with old friends who will also be on staff; to have a vacation away from school. Please make sure your motives are centered on what the Lord wishes you to do as you prayerfully consider a summer at Peniel

In return for your hard work, you will be rewarded beyond belief by the difference that you will make in the lives of your campers this summer. Camp is the only place that will make a difference in some of these children's lives. You may be their single opportunity to experience the love of Jesus. When they leave at the end of their stay, wrap their arms around you, tell you they love you, and that because of you they now have a relationship with Jesus Christ, there is simply no greater reward. 

In His Service,


Jenny Blackmon









 Adventure With a Purpose!!