The opportunities for children today are remarkable.  Few, however can provide the kind of profound experience available at a sleep-away camp.  At a time when we hope to give our kids the skills they need to succeed, we sometimes miss the forest for the trees.  At Camp Peniel, we invite you to walk this forest where our campers find a summer home. A place to grow stronger physically, spiritually, and emotionally, to find challenge and discover a new confidence, develop character with new adventures and have a blast with new friends.

We seek to provide exciting, challenging, outrageous fun and memorable adventures for campers of all ages. Ultimately, our goal is  to have a life-changing impact by creating opportunities for kids to connect with their Creator God. Summer resident camp is for kids 8 to 18.  Whether through His Word, His creation, creative teaching, or the modeling of a Godly counselor, He makes himself known to us at camp in unique ways.

Check our calendar for our summer camp dates.  Our days are jam-packed with tons of fun activities. Campers are amazed at the crazy stuff that goes on here. Each age group's program is designed with activities that suit their skills and abilities. We have over 60 years of programming experience that we rely on to provide the most fun in a safe environment. This schedule will give you a taste of a typical day at camp, but there are plenty of trips, camp-outs  and other special days built into our calendar that keep the surprises coming!  Packing list click here!  


              2019 Schedule - $795* 

       Term 1    June  2 - 8              Dual 1   (2nd–9th)   

      Term 2    June 9 - 15             Dual 2  (2nd–9th)   

      Term 3    June 16 - 22           Boys    (2nd–9th)    

      Term 4    June 23 - 29           Girls    (2nd–9th)    

      Term 5    June 30 - July 6     High School (10th-12th)   

      Term 6    July 7 - 13              Boys    (2nd–9th)    

      Term 7    July 14 - 20            Girls    (2nd–9th)     

      Term 8    July 21 - 27            Boys    (2nd–9th)    

      Term 9    July 28 - Aug. 3      Girls    (2nd–9th)

                * Tuition includes $15 towards camp store. 

 Whether you are a parent or a youth pastor, we are excited about partnering with you to encourage your children or   teens on their spiritual journey. Thanks for entrusting them to us.