Creating New Challenges for Confidence!


Did you know, there are over TEN MILLION American kids going to camp every summer. Whoa! Summer camp has been a U.S. tradition for over 150 years. Back then, hot city summers were miserable, so escaping to the country for a week became a popular trend. Today, families have different reasons for making camp part of their children’s lives.

Camp provides a unique opportunity to meet people from different cities, states or even different countries. It’s also a great way to make cool lifelong friends.
Not all the things that kids do at camp are easy the first time - they’re not supposed to be! Fresh challenges -- like trying new sports, the zipline, new crafts and games, or pushing one’s self to achieve something -- can be very rewarding.

There’s a great big, natural world out there, and coming to camp helps understand how beautiful and important he is to God and His creation. Being an electronic free zone, gone are the TV’s, cell-phones, mp3 players, computers, video games, etc.
Sometimes it’s important to get away from familiar territory and find a “new place” for yourself. Camp Peniel offers the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start, experience a variety of things, and find out how you think, feel, and act outside of your normal surroundings.

God has greatly used Camp Peniel in calling out ones to be saved and to serve Him as Lord, whether as missionaries, pastors, or just as importantly, as “full-time Christians.”