Don't forget to check the What-To-Bring List before you pack!

Packing Tips—As you may be aware, bed bugs have become a spreading concern across America. Since we house numerous campers throughout the year we are at a higher risk for bed bugs. Here are some preventative measures you can take to help insure bed bugs don’t find their way to camp or back to your home.

• Only send clothes and bedding that have recently been cleaned and run through the dryer on high heat. Wipe down all non-cloth items with a warm washrag before sending to camp. If you are sending luggage or items that have recently been in high risk areas (hotels, camps, dorms, apartments, airports, etc.) check them for signs of bed bugs and treat them accordingly.

• Pack all your items in a soft duffle bag that you have run through the dryer. Soft duffles can be purchased at Wal-Mart or other similar stores. Or, if this method is not preferred, pack belongings in a container (plastic tub, trunk) that you can completely clean-out and sanitize (not a suitcase).

• When you return home, run all of your camper’s belongings, including the bag, and what they have on through the washer and dryer. The dryer on high heat is the most effective way to kill hard-to-see bed bugs. Wipe down well, and look through anything that can’t go in the dryer. Check for signs of bed bugs on all belongings before you bring them back in to your house.

We have bed-bug proof mattresses, we train our staff to look for signs of bed bugs, and we inspect for bedbugs between every group using our facilities. We don’t expect bed bugs to disrupt our program this summer but want to make you aware of the possibility. Please take all of these precautions for your home and ours.