In all-sport the campers learn the basic fundamentals and rules of 5 different games and get to put their new knowledge into practice by playing the sport at the end of each class. 

  • Basketball: learn how to properly shoot the basketball, work on footwork, play defense, strategies of play, and how to work as a team.
  • Football: learn how to throw and catch properly, punt and kick, run receiving patterns, play defense, and learn the different positions and how they're all important in the team. 
  • Soccer: learn the basics of ball handling and team play, passing, playing defense and goalkeeper, and how to move without the ball on offense.
  • Ultimate Frisbee: learn how to properly throw the different throws in ultimate: backhand, forehand, and hammer throws, how to catch the Frisbee, how to play the game of ultimate, how to move without the disc, and how to play defense.
  • Each game offers the campers a glimpse of what the real games are like on a bigger scale, and gets them ready to try out for sports in their schools. Our counselors make each day fun and very interactive and have a spiritual application for each day.



ARCHERY is a sport that has changed little over the course of history, but one that consistently improves self awareness, coordination, and focus.

Camp Peniel's archers learn about safety, technique, scoring, equipment, and terminology on a secure archery field.  Our campers enjoy archery classes utilizing compound bows. Some may start at a simple 20 yard shooting range and some begin at 35 range. Their range increases with their skill level progression. Archery skill instructors emphasize safety and fun as they cover rules integrated with archers' games. There is often a great thrill derived from a camper hitting their first bull's eye after quality one-on-one teaching from our staff.